Climate And Weather

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It has become a standard to use the conditions of weather and climate synonymously, as the subsequent lines will explain, whereas there is a whole lot of the gap between the two.

Climate is the average weather of a place observed over a period of time, usually for thirty years or more. These conditions are well known at a specific location and well-established. As an example, it is understood that London’s climate is mild both is winters and summers with frequent precipitation. It means that it is a fact that is well-established that the winters in London in addition to the summers are USUALLY London and mild has a rainy climate.

To cite another example, the climate of Cairo is dry and hot and cool and dry in winters. . It means that the summers at Cairo are USUALLY hot while the winters are cool. The announcement of weather is also giving another information that climate is dry both in winter and summer and really it is to us! Cairo records 1 inch of rainfall annually.

Weather is the condition of temperature, pressure, relative humidity and rainfall at a particular place and it can deviate considerable from the long term average. It is a concept that is very easy to understand. During recent decades, especially after the year 2000, there have been heat waves occurring during summertime. If through a heat wave hot temperatures are experienced by us, we would say that London’s weather is today at such and such date. It does not mean that the climate of London is hot in July.

Similarly for Cairo if, for example, we experience an unusually cool summer in July and the temperature drops to a very pleasant selection, we state that weather of Cairo is now at such and such date. It will not mean that Cairo’s Climate is pleasant in July. To explain further, if we, for any reason, observe a sudden downpour in Cairo of more than 5 inches in few hours then we would say that the WEATHER of Cairo is wet now. It will have no impact on the CLIMATE of Cairo that is dry and it is a fact.

It follows from above that Climate is the average weather of a place detected for thirty years or more, usually over a long time period while weather is that the condition of temperature detected at a specific place. Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart! With your Powers Combined I AM CAPTAIN ELLIS!

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